Air Show Liability Insurance - Fly-In Event Liability

Do you need insurance for your upcoming Air Show or Fly-In Event? If so, Conour Aviation Insurance can help you identify the air show insurance coverage you need and provide it at an affordable & competitively priced level. Before your next air show event, why not give us a call and let us go to work on your air show insurance quote.

Most, if not all airport general liability/premises liability policies exclude liability for accidents occurring during air meets or aerial exhibitions (air shows) for which an admission charge is made. In addition it is not uncommon to find exclusions for injuries arising out of grandstands or bleachers that are not permanent parts of the airport premises. Other exclusions may be found in typical premises liabilty policies for airports that would create the need for separate Air Show Insurance or an Air Meet Event Liability Insurance Policy.

No matter what the size or scope of your Air Show/Event, Conour Aviation Insurance Air Show/Event Policies are broad and flexible and can be tailored to meet your Air Show Insurance needs and budget. From simple "fly-ins" to shows with static displays, civilian and military performers and full scale pyrotechnics, we have the experience and market access to assist you, providing cafeteria style options so that you may choose the Air Show Insurance you wish to purchase and decline the coverage you do not feel you need. Conour Aviation Insurance can help you with other activities such as antique or classic car shows in conjunction with your air show. Volunteer Accident Insurance Coverage to protect your Volunteers is also available as optional coverage. Before your next Air Show, why not contact Conour Aviation Insurance and let us help you with your Air Show Liability Insurance needs.

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