Pilot Life Insurance & Pilot Temporary Loss of Medical Certificate

This area is designed to allow our client and prospective client pilots an easy and convenient way to request quotes for Pilot Life Insurance and also Temporary Loss of License/Loss of Medical Certifcate.

Pilot Life Insurance

Life Insurance is one of the key elements of any sound financial plan. Providing for dependents, funding education, lifestyle and other financial commitments are common reasons pilots and others buy life insurance. Yet, statistics reveal that a majority of the population is underinsured.

While Term Life Insurance Rates have been on the decline as life expectancy and overall health has improved, most life insurance companies do not seem to understand the risks associated with flying. Most simply have not dedicated resources to underwriting and more importantly understanding the life insurance needs of pilots. As in any field there are numerous exceptions and we have identified those life insurance underwriters who are most familiar with pilots and their unique qualifications and needs. We have carefully identified those life insurance companies who do not charge excessive aviation surcharges nor ones that would insist on attaching an Aviation Activities Exclusion that would void coverage.

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Temporary Loss of License/Pilot Loss of Medical Certificate

Corporate and commercial pilots have always had a tough time securing proper disability insurance. In the past, the majority of disability insurance companies have told pilots that they are "uninsurable" because there are too many factors that could cause them to lose their medical certificate. Due to strict FAA medical qualifications, many health issues that would allow employees in the traditional workplace to continue working would cost a pilot his or her license.

Conour Insurance, Inc. works exclusively with Petersen International Underwriters who is the premier provider of unique personal and corporate accident and contingency insurance plans. For over 50 years, Petersen International Underwriters has been recognized nationally and internationally for the expertise and innovation they have brought to the market.

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