Director’s & Officer’s Liability Insurance

Whether you serve on the board of a publicly-traded company, a private company or a not-for-profit, your’ personal assets could be at risk without the benefit of Director’s & Officer’s Liability Insurance.

Are you covered?

Often referred to as Management Liability this coverage protects you and other directors and officers of your company from lawsuits or potential lawsuits not typically covered by other types of business liability insurance policies.  

Typical General Liability policies are intended to cover “Bodily Injury” and/or “Property Damage” so acts, errors or omissions in the management of a company that do not result in physical harm or injury to others would typically not be covered by those policies.  

As a director or officer, you are responsible for the management of your company.  Your actions or inactions can be used against you in lawsuits alleging that you breached your duties.  

The D&O or Management Liability Policy may provide needed funds to protect or indemnify those serving as officers or directors of a company.  

D&O/Management liability policies may also protect the company (entity) from demands or lawsuits filed against the company.

D&O/Management Liability Specialists

D&O insurance can be complicated due in part to the nature of litigation related to corporate governance. D&O Insurance is not standardized which means there can be major differences in the policies offered by the various insurance companies.  Therefore, it is important to work with an agency that has specialized experience in providing this important coverage.  

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