Fixed Base Operators (FBO) & Flight School Aircraft Insurance

As an "FBO" or fixed-base operator you are one of the primary providers of services to General Aviation Aircraft, including aircraft service & repair and flight school operations or flight training. Although there are many similarities among FBOs, no two FBOs are identical. You need an aviation insurance agent that understands this and can help guide you through the aviation insurance purchasing process for your FBO and/or Flight School Business. Conour Aviation Insurance is that agent! We believe our services extend beyond the aviation insurance purchasing transaction and encompass the greater discipline of risk management. FBOs and the industry of which they are a part, are not strangers to the concept of "risk management". As your aviation and aircraft insurance agent, Conour Aviation Insurance will work closely with you and as an extension of your overall risk management efforts, use our experience and aviation insurance market access to provide the most cost effective solutions available in the aviation insurance marketplace.

The following is a brief listing of typical operations with which we work to provide risk management and insurance solutions:

  • Maintenance, Service and Repair-minor & major, airframe and power plant
  • Avionics installation and repair
  • Fueling Operation
  • Hangars and Hangar Rental
  • Flight School Operations/Flight Instruction & Aircraft Rental
  • Pilot Services

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